Going Cloud

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Taipei / Going Cloud - Engineering / Permanent

Our mission is to verify different B2B business models with partners in various domains, such as streaming technology, analytics, and AI.
To clarify market needs and find a business model that achieves company development. We like to invite partners who love to work on start-up projects to experiment possibilities of the new business model.
If the business model can achieve company development, you can also help to convert the project into a product.
If you are a person with flexibility and dare to fail, welcome to join us.

Our Tech Stack
PHP with Laravel


  • Build up and maintain web-based projects.
  • Collaborate closely with developers, product owners, and designers to build a new project.
  • Improve code with attention paid to maintainability.
  • Grow with team members.
  • Requirements:

  • Familiar with backend or frontend, and open-minded to learn other skill sets (including AWS).
  • Basic knowledge of design principles, e.g., SOLID, clean architecture, refactoring, etc.
  • Familiar with unit tests.
  • Nice to Have:

  • Experience in domain-driven design.
  • Experience in data engineering.
  • Experience in DevOps.
  • Experience in tech lead role.
  • Experience in the team leader role.
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