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KKTIX is one of the few ticket sales platforms that can sell large-scale high user-traffic concerts in Taiwan. It is also a SaaS event management platform that allows organizers to host and sell tickets for their programs and activities. Furthermore, it takes first place on the average number of tickets sold per second in Taiwan. KKTIX is committed to helping organizers organize their events business more efficiently and helping customers find out various exciting activities online. KKTIX owns two Apps on Google Play and App Store for users/organizers to explore events and perform event check-in. One of them is KKTIX, and the other is KKTIX Manager. 

- We design KKTIX App for activities attendees. The so-called attendees include users who randomly start the KKTIX App to find events they may be interested in or those who already know which events tickets to buy. KKTIX tends to develop easy-to-start tools which provide great browsing, searching, ticket purchase experience, e-ticket pick up, and organizer follow features. Integrating Apple Pay and Google Pay for convenient payment flow helps users to pay quickly on their mobile. Implementing Maps API lets users leisurely lookup activities hosted around them. Combining calendars assists users to set up reminders. All of these are matters we should care about while developing this App.

- KKTIX Manager App focuses on event organizers. It can list out all the activities run by the host and provide the check-in service. During the event onboarding process, the Manager App can inform the organizer about the check-in ratio and analyze the flow of people for different gates. You can imagine yourself as an event host; you may want to provide a great onboarding experience for attendees and collect data that may help you optimize the process. Therefore, the features like "the conduct name registration (binding attendees' name with a ticket by scanning National identification card)" and "particular remark for specific tickets" are matters we'd like to help with while hosts are using this App.


  • KKTIX App's business logic is quite simple. It's constructed by 70% of Native Page and 30% of WebView. Therefore, we're looking for App Developers who prefer to simultaneously maintain and develop with the Android and iOS platforms to be KKTIX's teammates in the Mobile App field. As an App Developer of KKTIX, you'll be able to
  • Develop new functions on Android and iOS Platforms. (Focusing on which platform depends on yourself.)Maintain and upgrade Apps according to 3rd parties SDK and OS updates.
  • Build events onboarding and video-watching experience for online events by integrating packaged Player SDK.
  • Share and learn technical information with all App Developers in KKBOX.
  • Work and coordinate closely with about 10 Server and Web Engineers.
  • Requirements:

  • Ability to develop with both Android (Kotlin / Java) and iOS (Swift / Obj C).Familiar with the concept of Design Pattern and Reconstruction and with the ability to implement them into projects.
  • Ability to build and operate CI / CD for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Embrace agile development. (KKTIX currently adopts Scrum to facilitate our projects.)
  • Familiar with the UI guidelines of Android and iOS platforms and ability to judge and give suggestions on UI planning.
  • Ability to track and deal with App quality issues with utilities. (Such as Firebase Crashlytics)
  • Capable of integrating standard Mobile SDK, such as Facebook, Google Analytics, and more.
  • Since KKTIX is selling valuable event tickets, we strongly request that the developer to be highly emphasis on the awareness of information security and protection.
  • Nice To Have:

  • Ability to understand old projects' (written in Flutter and Dart) logic.
  • Ability to understand old projects' (written in C or C++) logic.
  • Enthusiast in collecting skill-points, enjoy learning new programming languages and frameworks.
  • Familiar with the release and publish process of both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Proficiency in applying innovation into Apps according to newly announced OS functions is a plus.
  • You're a KKTIX user.
  • Experience in e-Commerce industry / product.
  • Consider yourself a humorous person.
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