KKCompany Privacy Policy for Recruitment

KKCompany including its branches and subsidiaries (“KKCompany,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), take your personal privacy seriously and duly comply with the relevant privacy and personal data protection laws and regulations. Our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (the “Policy”), which explains what personal data we collect and how to use such data, as well as other important matters related to your privacy, as set out below:

  1. Your application for a position and submission of Application Information indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and your consent to the collection and use of your Application Information by us or our business partners per this Privacy Policy.
  2. Collection of Personal Data We or our business partners may collect certain information, including:
    1. Your name, address, telephone/mobile number, email address, or other contact information.
    2. Your resume or CV, cover letter, previous work experience, educational background, transcripts, or other information you choose to provide to us in connection with the application process; Type of employment sought, desired salary, willingness to relocate, other job preferences, and related information.
    3. Names and contact information for your referrals; or Please note, however, that it is your responsibility to obtain consent from references before providing their personal information to us.
    4. Your information about your use, including history of use, and/or search; and/or;
    5. Technical data, including URL, IP address, web browser type, device type and its unique identification number, operation system, language, and time of your visit, and we also use Cookie to provide the function of website.
  3. Use of Personal Data
    1. To assess your skills, qualifications, and interests against.
    2. To verify your information and conduct reference checks or background checks.
    3. To communicate with you and inform you of career opportunities,
    4. To improve our recruitment process.
    5. The data collected herein may be processed and/or used by our affiliates or business partners or outside Taiwan. We will not use them for any other purposes unless the local laws provide otherwise, and will also not disclose them to any third party without your prior consent, unless the laws require so due to material national interests or to facilitate law enforcement agencies’ investigations.
  4. Management of Personal Data
    1. You can search, copy or change your own personal data.
    2. We are entitled to refuse your request to change, delete or modify your personal data if such request may be harmful to the material national interests, result in an impediment to the execution of statutory duties by government agencies, or cause any prejudice to the material interests of the collecting agency or third party.
  5. Security of Personal Data
    1. We will provide all necessary technologies and measures to protect your personal data to safeguard your privacy.
    2. To avoid information leakage, you should keep your own personal data, account ID and password, etc. in safe custody. To avoid misuse of your personal data, you should log out or close the software or internet browser after using, whether you are using your own personal computer or not.
    3. You agree to provide and use lawful information and all such information does not infringe any third party’s rights, violate any third party’s agreement, or otherwise involve any illegal acts. We are not liable for such loss unless it is caused by us intentionally or due to our gross negligence.
  6. Amendment of Privacy Policy
    1. We may update this Policy from time to time and comply with the relevant local privacy laws and regulations. When we make significant changes, we will make an announcement on our official website.
    2. Once you continue to use our website, you will be deemed to have accepted the amendments.
    3. If you have any question regarding the Policy, please contact us at recruit@kkcompany.com.

KKCompany 人才招募隱私權政策

KKCompany 體系之關係企業(以下稱「我們」)非常重視會員的個人隱私,且遵循保護隱私權及個人資料之相關法令規定。以下 是我們的隱私權與個人資料保護政策(以下稱「本政策」),將說明我們會蒐集哪些個人資料與如何利用這些資料,並說明其他與您的隱私相關的重要事項。

  1. 您對 KKCompany 職缺所提出之申請,即表示您接受本政策,並同意我們或其他合作夥伴,根據本政策蒐集和利用您所提供之資料。
  2. 個人資料的取得我們或其他合作夥伴將蒐集下列資料:
    1. 您的姓名、地址、手機號碼、電子郵件或其他聯繫資訊等。
    2. 您的履歷、求職信、過往工作的經驗、教育紀錄、家庭背景等或您想讓我們了解任何與您申請職缺有關的資訊;職缺類型、期望薪資、其他工作意願及相關資訊。
    3. 您的推薦人之姓名及其聯繫資訊;但請留意,在向我們提供推薦人之個人訊息前,您需先取得其同意。
    4. 您的利用資料,包括但不限於:利用歷史、查詢資料等;
    5. 技術數據,例如:URL、IP 地址、瀏覽器類型、裝置類型及其識別碼、作業系統資料、語言及造訪時間、位置資料等,及我們將利用 cookie 來提供各網頁上的功能。
  3. 個人資料的利用
    1. 評估您的專案技能、經歷及興趣。
    2. 確認並參考您提供的資料。
    3. 作為招募之查閱、聯絡及推薦之用。
    4. 改善 KKCompany 人才招募流程。
    5. 上述資訊之處理與利用,可能由我們的關係企業或其他合作夥伴進行,或於台灣外發生。除非有當地法律除外情況,我們不會將這些資訊用做其他用途。我們亦不會未經您事先同意向第三者透露其個人資料,但因國家重大利益或為配合執法機關調查而根據法律而 需要透露者則除外。
  4. 個人資料的自主權
    1. 您本人可查詢、複製或申請變動屬於您個人資料範圍。
    2. 於妨害國家重大利益、妨害公務機關執行法定職務、妨害蒐集機關或第三人重大利益時,我們有權拒絕您主動提出變更、刪除或異動個人資料之請求。
  5. 個人資料的安全
    1. 為保護您的隱私,我們提供必要之技術及措施保護個人資料。
    2. 您的個人資料、註冊帳號及密碼等,請您妥善保管,避免外洩。於個人或非個人電腦上利用後,必要時請登出或關閉軟體與瀏覽器視窗,以免您的資料遭人盜用。
    3. 您所提供及利用之資料皆為合法,並無侵害第三人權利、違反第三方協議或涉及任何違法行為。除因我們故意或重大過失而造成第三人損害外,我們不負擔相關賠償責任。
  6. 隱私權及個人資料保護政策的修訂與效力
    1. 我們將不定時更新本政策,並遵循當地隱私權與個人資料保護相關法令,當我們做出重大修改時,會於官方網站公布。
    2. 若您在我們修改服務條款後仍繼續使用,即代表您已接受此修改條款之規範。
    3. 如果您對本政策有任何問題,請聯絡 recruit@kkcompany.com.